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CC Hotel / Austin, Tx

On the Boards
TB/DS - Thoughtbarn/Delineate Studio
Emergence Texas Realty
Structural & MEP
Hollingsworth Pack
Big Red Sun

The Cesar Chavez Hotel is looking to cater to the niche market of ‘hometels’ - apartments that make travelers feel more like they are at home.

Located along East Cesar Chavez, the 14-unit neighborhood-oriented hotel aims to blend into the fabric of the growing commercial district. The massing of the hotel is dynamic, with volumes cantilevering out over the streetscape.  Large balconies overlooking the street provide visitors with the ability to host outdoor gatherings during their stay.  Each unit is built out like a residence with a full kitchen and ample storage space.

The hotel also has a private pool and generous courtyard space at the rear for events, along with an on-site cafe also open to the general public.  Three large heritage trees informed the building’s footprint and provide shade for the outdoor areas.