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2901 E2 / Austin, Tx

Completed 2022
Design & Construction
Thoughtbarn ( Build Team: Robert Gay, Nick Schnitzer, Charles Schlessinger) 
ATS Engineers
Fort Structures
Parcel Land Development
Andrea Calo

Thoughtbarn World Headquarters moved into a remodeled 1,400sf auto-mechanic shop on a neighborhood corner lot in East Austin in 2022.

The project used the existing footprint of the old garage and rebuilt a new shell within the volume of the previous structure, adding two pop-up dormers to bring in eastern and western light. The tapered cedar siding drapes each facade, rendered in a saturated blue stain. The interior is utilitarian and crisp, using our favorite radiatta pine plywood cladding with a white pickle. Large sliding doors open up the space to the back yard, shaded by existing heritage pecan trees.

As a laboratory as well as an office, the structure experimented with bio-based materials - hempwool as insulation and pressed wood fiber acoustic panels as the ceiling material. The office is delightfully quiet and climatically comfortable throughout the year.

The project was featured in the Jan/Feb 2024 issue of Texas Architect