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CFV X ICON / Austin, Tx

Completed 2023
Mobile Loaves and Fishes
Technology & Construction
Fort Structures

Thoughtbarn partnered with the 3d printing company ICON and non-profit Mobile Loaves and Fishes to design new housing prototypes for Community First! Village, a masterplanned tiny home development serving residents coming out of chronic homelessness. The three prototypes encompassed Tiny Townhomes (duplex structures with bathrooms), a Family Home (2-bed/2-bath house for ‘missional families’ providing pastoral care) and a Hospice Home (to expand end-of-life care facilities on site).  

We worked closely with ICON to optimize the floor plans and details for their 3d printing technology, incorporating best practices from their recent projects and lessons learned from earlier homes constructed at the Village.  The smooth concrete curves of the 3d printed walls were complimented with pine-clad ceilings, strategically vaulted to bring in natural light through dormer windows.

The new structures will inform the design and construction of 100 new homes, slated to be built over the next five years as part of a significant expansion of Community First! Village.