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Chromatic Confluence / St Louis, MO

Completed 2012
Design & Construction
Grand Center Arts District
Digital Fabrication

‘A Chromatic Confluence’ was a temporary public installation in the Grand Center arts district of St Louis, MO, commissioned as a pilot project for an annual public art program. Constructed from over 25,000’ of colored cord, it created an ephemeral, maze-like landscape on an empty site along a busy thoroughfare. It was designed to encourage detours, unexpected encounters and an exchange of smiles amongst visitors.

Canyon-like paths cut through dense swaths of the vibrantly colored cord, creating a constantly shifting pattern of colors and texture. We used scripting tools to test many different iterations of string densities and colors, as well as to produce easy-to-use assembly diagrams for volunteers. The project benefited from over 300 volunteer hours during its installation, including from middle school students, artists and architecture students and professors.

During its month-long duration, the installation hosted performances by youth orchestras, as well as rehearsals by a theater company. At the end of its life, the installation was disassembled and all of the materials donated to a local arts organization.