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31 Mar 2015


We're looking for someone to help us part-time with the administrative side of things in the office.  This includes tasks related to invoicing, financial record-keeping, project scheduling, insurance, employee resources, potential projects, and, with the right skillset, marketing as well. Anticipated workload is 16hrs/wk with possibility of more hours if marketing is part of job too. Job description below.  If you're interested please send your resume to Lucy at lucy@thoughtbarn - or send this on to someone you think might be! 

Office Wizard Job Opening

The following qualifications are desirable:
- Interest in architecture, design and construction.
- Good organizational skills, both analog and digital.
- Proficiency with Word and Excel.
- Proficiency with Quickbooks, or desire to learn.
- Good communication skills, both written and verbal.
- Ability to take initiative/self-direct.
- Knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator and website management a plus.

Job Duties

Potential Projects
- Manage incoming inquiries about potential projects (emails, client calls, meeting scheduling).
- Assist directors in putting together contracts for new projects.

- Send and follow-up on invoices to clients.
- Assist book-keeper in compiling receipts/invoices.
- Collect timesheets from employees and maintain project reports tracking hours, income and expenses.
- Work with directors and CPA to files taxes, ensure state and federal tax requirements are met.
- Deposit incoming checks to bank and assist in handling subcontractor/consultant payments.
- Assist directors in running payroll and managing related paperwork.

- Help directors manage weekly schedules and appointments.
- Organize occasional work travel arrangements for directors.

- Keep office clean, organized and stocked with stationary / water / supplies.

- Manage incoming resumes from candidates seeking work, set up meetings where appropriate.
- Ensure we have w-9 information from subcontractors and consultants.

- Document all office valuables, keep records for insurance.
- Manage paperwork requirements to keep insurance current.
- Periodically review insurance plans (health, liability, workers comp) and work with agent to research alternatives.

Marketing (optional)
- Keep a calendar of upcoming RFQ and award deadlines
- Put together press packets, award submissions, RFQ applications for various projects.
- Upload project photos, text, blog updates to website, social media.